Late Posting

Whatsup everyone,

Sorry for posting so late, long story but I will get to that in a minute. Originally, I was going to post on Tuesday as usual but then I was really busy all day so I figured when I got home I would do so. However once home I was so tired I just passed out on my bed. So, I was gonna post up Wednesday but it is now Thursday here. So here are my adventures that delayed this post.

Tuesday began early for me. I woke up way too early for no apparent reason and decided to eat breakfast and play LA Noire for a bit. Once the time came around my friend and I ended up running errands together and eventually making our way to get our hair cuts from our stylist downtown. My haircut and coloring was paid for by my friend as my Christmas present, so I decided to do something interesting. After getting my hair cut and styled we began the coloring process. This is the first time my hair has ever had any color added which I was nervous how it would look. Now it is like an auburn brown color with red overtoned high lights. It is pretty cool in my opinion. Sadly no matter how hard I attempt to take a picture my hair just looks dark brown. Need some ultra lighting or something. So we grabbed lunch at a Japanese restaurant and roamed around the mall for a while before heading home.

Wednesday I woke up dead tired for some reason and just played more LA Noire. Eventually, I went out for a nice 4 mile run and did some exercises on the side for my biceps, triceps, chest and back. My abs are still sore from the last ab workout I did. Ended up going out to eat at another Japanese restaurant with a different friend and roaming around the area for a couple hours.

Now I am sitting here blogging while applying for various jobs. I have realized that I want to be a bartender or a host or something interesting. I'm tired of all the shitty jobs that aren't respectable at all. So, I have decided to go for real jobs and look around banks, hotels and such. Personally, I have always wanted to become a detective or FBI. LA Noire has been about the best application of my deduction skills and detective work I have ever been able to do. Being a very logical and critical thinker, I am very good at this game.

Anyway, the music video styled dance video things that I am doing is in the making. I have also considered putting together and training my own little dance team/crew whatever you call it for fun. Not for competitions or to show off but mainly just for the videos I would like to make. Since my own brother and friends of ours want to learn how to dance and enjoy dancing as it is, I figured why not make our own little group for practice and for the video ideas.

This is literally my number one favorite song and the dance displayed is what I am learning. However his isn't the full dance version just the main music video for you guys to enjoy.


  1. Let us know if you become an FBI agent! Thats cool!

    (what was your old blogging name? I followed your old blog but forgot what your name was in it)

  2. I need a job, too. :/

  3. FBI pigs get a lot of money.

  4. Good luck on getting a job :)

    @Bersercules: xxmugenxx?

  5. If I wake up dead tired I usually don't run 4 miles... :)

  6. Better late than never!