Laptop Trouble and Warrior

Whatsup everyone,

This is going to be a bit of a short update since I am a little busy today. So long story short my netbook that had all the youtube related stuff on it came across the same error my desktop had. I need to reinstall windows onto it otherwise it just shuts off at the login screen. Unfortunately that means I cannot post my MW3 gameplay where I was discussing some things about ACTA. It also means that my Pokemon Let's Play video series is on hold until further notice.

In other news, this new Korean group debut with an explosive performance in their music video called Warrior. The group's name is B.A.P. which stands for Best Absolute Perfect, however I keep wanting to say Blonde Asian People since the entire group decided to dye their hair blonde for some reason. The way Bang Yong Guk yells warrior during the chorus is like a battle cry of epic proportions and this song has easily become the perfect workout song for me. Well have a good weekend everyone and I shall leave you guys with the music video.


Video Game Giveaway???

Whatsup everyone,

So macksum is having a contest for a video game (or games up to $60 worth over Steam) giveaway or a $60 amazon gift card on their blog. Entry is really simple and it doesn't seem like many have even entered yet so I decided to enter and spread the word.

The Rules
- Follow macksum
- Post a Blog post linking to http://macksum.blogspot.com/ and the rules of the contest
- email them at maxamw@gmail.com letting them know you entered

That's all you have to do!



Whatsup everyone,

So my adventures in Pokemon were going well and recording the session to upload was going fine until my computer decided to freeze up for about 3 minutes. Once I got it to run normally again the video file became corrupted and now I have to start over from the beginning and start recording again. This is going to take some time.

In other news, I had gotten my ears pierced last week and eventually taken them out for my own reasons and noticed one ear was a little red and swollen. So I did my best to keep it clean everyday then finally went to a doctor to get it checked out. So after being told I was completely fine came the worse part, paying the bill. Now I do not have insurance and I figured getting my ear looked at and told I am fine wouldn't be that bad. Ended up paying $100 just to get looked at and told that I am completely fine. What a waste.

Well, I shall continue trying to get the Pokemon Let's Play up and running in the mean time I have some MW3 videos saved on my computer that I may upload to my channel and commentate. Until then have a good weekend everyone!


Update + Asian Kid Mobbed

Whatsup everyone,

I am sure most if not all of you so far have seen the video of the asian man getting mobbed by 7 students from the same school. I honestly have a hard time containing my sheer rage and hatred whenever I hear about these things and watch them. Probably because as a kid, I was bullied a bit and roughed up from time to time. At one point I too was mobbed by maybe 9-10 other guys that were around my age (I think I was around 14.) However, by the time that event rolled around I was already well trained through martial arts and was able to defend myself and suffer minor injuries, but that is a different story that I would rather not brag about my victory...mostly because I enjoyed it a little too much for a kid and some of the assailants were hospitalized for quite a long time and I was even in a bit of trouble for excessive force. Anyway, I remember how scared I was at first and how angry I was after it all ended. Not a memory I want to ever relive. I hope that all of the people involved in this including the girl that video taped it all and even giggled when they slammed the poor kid into the ground ends up in jail for a while. Here is the video, DO NOT WATCH IT IF YOU CANNOT HANDLE IT.

Anyway back to a more calmer update. Seems like everyone would be interested in seeing a Let's Play of Pokemon Emerald or Leaf Green. So I am going to do just that, however I am considering adding a twist to it and doing a Nuzlocke run. For those who do not know what that is, basically you add in some rules to the game to make it a little more challenging. Here is what I am planning to do.

  1. Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead, and must be released.
  2. The player may only catch the first Pokemon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokemon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances. If it is a duplicate of a Pokemon already caught then the next non duplicate can be caught.
  3. All Pokemon must be nicknamed.
  4. Three Second Chances Are Allowed. (Meaning if a Pokemon faints and I have a revive I can use it but only 3x Revives throughout the entire game)

That is all for today, I shall get working on the Let's Play Series soon. Also not sure why the rules ended up like that. Couldn't figure out how to get rid of the black background.


Let's Play Videos

Whatsup everyone,

Just a real quick question for you all. Would you like to see a Let's Play series on my youtube channel of Pokemon Emerald? I was thinking of playing it again and thought about making a Let's Play series of it. Let me know!


First Time Experience with Clubs

Whatsup everyone,

I just got home from the club with my friends and well, it wasn't all that amazing. The dance floor was pretty small and obviously packed with people. It was ridiculously loud since it was a Friday and the drinks were way expensive. I spent about $16 on myself getting two drinks, my cover was only $5 thanks to my friend getting us on the VIP list. We were there from around 11pm until 1am and the whole time I was just disappointed in the lack of decent looking girls. Not that I went there just to check out girls or hit on any of them, but everywhere I turned was just unattractive, overweight, and scantily clad women. It was not a pretty sight.

Anyway, I never realized how skinny I am until today when my friend took a picture of me before we left for the club. I was pretty amazed by how much weight I visibly lost and was quite proud of myself. I think I said this before but I used to wear a large sized shirt and about a 32-34" waist for pants. Now a days, I am sporting a small sized shirt and 30" waist size pants. I posted the picture on my twitter if anyone is interested to see the picture (click the link it will take you straight to it), it is also one of the few times that I will have a picture of what I look like since I am terrible at taking my own picture and rarely have other people take it.

Well that is all for today, have a great weekend everyone!


Late Posting

Whatsup everyone,

Sorry for posting so late, long story but I will get to that in a minute. Originally, I was going to post on Tuesday as usual but then I was really busy all day so I figured when I got home I would do so. However once home I was so tired I just passed out on my bed. So, I was gonna post up Wednesday but it is now Thursday here. So here are my adventures that delayed this post.

Tuesday began early for me. I woke up way too early for no apparent reason and decided to eat breakfast and play LA Noire for a bit. Once the time came around my friend and I ended up running errands together and eventually making our way to get our hair cuts from our stylist downtown. My haircut and coloring was paid for by my friend as my Christmas present, so I decided to do something interesting. After getting my hair cut and styled we began the coloring process. This is the first time my hair has ever had any color added which I was nervous how it would look. Now it is like an auburn brown color with red overtoned high lights. It is pretty cool in my opinion. Sadly no matter how hard I attempt to take a picture my hair just looks dark brown. Need some ultra lighting or something. So we grabbed lunch at a Japanese restaurant and roamed around the mall for a while before heading home.

Wednesday I woke up dead tired for some reason and just played more LA Noire. Eventually, I went out for a nice 4 mile run and did some exercises on the side for my biceps, triceps, chest and back. My abs are still sore from the last ab workout I did. Ended up going out to eat at another Japanese restaurant with a different friend and roaming around the area for a couple hours.

Now I am sitting here blogging while applying for various jobs. I have realized that I want to be a bartender or a host or something interesting. I'm tired of all the shitty jobs that aren't respectable at all. So, I have decided to go for real jobs and look around banks, hotels and such. Personally, I have always wanted to become a detective or FBI. LA Noire has been about the best application of my deduction skills and detective work I have ever been able to do. Being a very logical and critical thinker, I am very good at this game.

Anyway, the music video styled dance video things that I am doing is in the making. I have also considered putting together and training my own little dance team/crew whatever you call it for fun. Not for competitions or to show off but mainly just for the videos I would like to make. Since my own brother and friends of ours want to learn how to dance and enjoy dancing as it is, I figured why not make our own little group for practice and for the video ideas.

This is literally my number one favorite song and the dance displayed is what I am learning. However his isn't the full dance version just the main music video for you guys to enjoy.


This Year Is Amazing!!!!!!!!

Whatsup everyone,

How is 2012 treating you guys? I have been having pretty good luck lately. I find it kind of strange since for the past few years I have had terrible luck. Everywhere I turn was another life issue beating me down but not this year! In fact so far things have been going pretty well. I am a few days a way from getting my haircut and highlighted and my ears pierced. The day after I am going to a club with my closest friends for the first time ever since none of us have ever gone to a club, and I mean a normal club not a strip club. I would never go to a strip club really.

Anyway, few updates on the youtube channel. So my voice sounds weird due to crappy microphone recordings meaning until the future my voice game videos will all sound weird and I won't be posting any of my song covers or original music to my channel until I have access to a better mic or a recording booth. However, there are still other types of videos that will be uploaded. Just need some friends for those.

I've gotten into the habit of updating my twitter more often as well if anyone wants to follow me.

Well that is about it for today, I'll leave you with a video that I have been watching lately and practicing the dance of for a video.


New Year's Resolutions!!!!!!!!!!

Whatsup everyone,

Hope you all had a good and safe New Years. I personally didn't do anything except go running and play video games since I was broke. What did you guys do for the New Year? Also anyone make a New Years Resolution? Mine are to get in even better shape, find a respectable decent job, and possibly move out of get an apartment of my own. Outside of that mostly just get myself some new clothes since none of my clothing fits me that well anymore.

In my last post I started up my youtube channel and posted my first video. Unfortunately, I forgot to reduce the noise in the commentary and for some reason the video is kind of stretched out for unknown reasons. I may not post anymore MW3 videos until I can fix these issues. The other videos I have in store are in progress but I am still looking for friends of mine that have video cameras and equipment to film the live stuff.

Anyway see you guys Friday!