First Time Experience with Clubs

Whatsup everyone,

I just got home from the club with my friends and well, it wasn't all that amazing. The dance floor was pretty small and obviously packed with people. It was ridiculously loud since it was a Friday and the drinks were way expensive. I spent about $16 on myself getting two drinks, my cover was only $5 thanks to my friend getting us on the VIP list. We were there from around 11pm until 1am and the whole time I was just disappointed in the lack of decent looking girls. Not that I went there just to check out girls or hit on any of them, but everywhere I turned was just unattractive, overweight, and scantily clad women. It was not a pretty sight.

Anyway, I never realized how skinny I am until today when my friend took a picture of me before we left for the club. I was pretty amazed by how much weight I visibly lost and was quite proud of myself. I think I said this before but I used to wear a large sized shirt and about a 32-34" waist for pants. Now a days, I am sporting a small sized shirt and 30" waist size pants. I posted the picture on my twitter if anyone is interested to see the picture (click the link it will take you straight to it), it is also one of the few times that I will have a picture of what I look like since I am terrible at taking my own picture and rarely have other people take it.

Well that is all for today, have a great weekend everyone!


  1. You walked the dinosaur?

  2. As skinny as me.

  3. Nice looked at the pic you look great I'm really skinny too

  4. Sorry it wasn't what you hoped!