Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2

Whatsup everyone!

Long time no see huh, I have been ridiculously busy lately and practically sleep every 2-3 days now since things got a little hectic. So few updates before my main point. I have finally got myself a job, and a good one at that. I now officially work for The Cheesecake Factory over here as a Host. For those that do not know, it isn't a literal factory (yes people have asked me if there is such thing as a factory that produces cheesecakes around here) it is a very nice restaurant that pays good. Since I am a full time worker, I am going to be insanely busy but I will make bank in no time. Alright now on to the main point.

Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 has been officially announced for all that have not heard yet. The release is June 2012 over in Japan and both versions will release simultaneously. Myself and many others were anxious for Masuda's big announcement on the episode of Pokemon Smash that aired earlier today and after watching 30 min of whatever it was that we were watching, Masuda finally appeared. He then revealed the new game and the 2 new forms of the pokemon Kyurem. Now this is a first in Pokemon history being the first direct sequel to one of the main series of Pokemon games. For example, Red/Blue happened 3 years before Gold/Silver took place in the Pokemon timeline. This is the first time that a game is directly a sequel of another and takes place within the same region and all that fun stuff. Personally, I am really excited about this and will try to update everyone here with more news as things are released and confirmed. I will leave some stuff below, have a great weekend everyone!


I Just Wanna Know Your Name

Whatsup everyone,

Today's gonna be a short update with some random videos and such that I found interesting. Before that all though, I have had no luck with fixing my laptop so all my youtube stuff is on hold for now. Now, for the videos that I was looking at lately.

Jay Park released his new album (New Breed) on itunes and it has topped the R&B/Soul Charts on itunes beating everything else within a few hours of its release. Jay uploaded 2 music videos to his channel on youtube promoting the album. Know Your Name came out with two music videos, one for the original version and one for the acoustic version. I really liked both of the versions of the songs but the Acoustic version almost seems like a completely different song. Regardless of a few words being altered for the music video, both were really good. The original version has a kind of Usher kind of feel to it. Many people were getting a little upset over the black girl in the video and then the other half were all leaving stupid comments like "OMG IM SO PROUD TO BE BLACK XDDDDDD" "This is so amazing that theres a black girl in this :DDDD." Personally, It's cool that he is embracing the whole diversity thing but when the video is filled with only Koreans and then you throw in one and only one non Korean, they are going to stand out really badly. It also doesn't help that she is considered ugly and kind of fat and then dances like usual slutty women in rap music videos. They also seem to have taken great care to avoid focusing on the girl's face and tried to avoid focusing on her in general as if they knew she was just unappealing. Usually for music videos like this everyone is Asian to keep it all matching and avoid these kind of issues. Here is the video.

The Acoustic version has him in a cafe using a TakeHD phone, which was recently released in Korea. The TakeHD phone is capable of HD video and picture capturing along with being able to play games in HD format on the phone itself. Also it supports USB products like keyboards laptops and more. Also Jay seems to have a thing for stalking girls in cafes apparently, seeing as this is his second music video showing him taking pictures of a girl in a cafe without her knowing.

To end today's post here is a ridiculous and supposedly educational video that was probably used to train new hires about dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace. I cannot imagine having to watch this and not laugh myself into tears. Have a great day everyone!


Personal Views

Whatsup everyone,

Today I felt like talking about some personal beliefs and thoughts on life. Just kind of had a random thought about some things and the way I am and well I figured why not share it with everyone.

Responsibility. My views on being responsible are pretty high up there, probably because of the way I was raised. I will NEVER break a promise, I always hold true to my word no matter what happens. My father taught me that a man is only as good as his word, and I stuck to that one pretty well. If you hear the words "I promise" come out of my mouth than you know I will not let you down. When it comes to smaller things like events and such that I need to attend or help plan, I make sure that I get it all done ASAP and make sure everything is planned out properly and I make sure to try to either be on time or a little early.

Trust. When it comes to trust, I am very trustworthy yet I am very picky about who I trust. As they always say, trust takes years to build but can be lost in a minute. I have a VERY hard time trusting others yet others trust me quite easily. This probably comes from my honesty and understanding of others along with how virtuous people say I am. I'll be honest there is only about 4 people I can truly trust and even then it isn't 100% trust, not because I can't trust them completely but people tend to be forgetful and cause little issues here and there.

Courage. For the most part I am Courage Wolf in human form. The only thing I am not very courageous about is battling large insects...outside of that the amount of things I have done regarding being brave or courageous and the heroic acts (as some friends call them) have given me quite a reputation for being a very brave person. I have had friends that are too cowardly to even make a phone call to a store or ask someone for information. As pathetic as that is, I just man up and hope they could follow my example and stop being a little bitch about these things. I honestly do not understand how some people can be so nervous or shy to do simple things like that. Then again this is coming from a man who has done quite a lot for himself and others that people would be too embarrassed to do. For example, a friend of mine who, despite being married, was too embarrassed to buy condoms and would ask me to buy them for him. Once his wife found out she couldn't believe how stupid the whole situation was. Still to this day he is pretty embarrassed to buy them himself.

 Well, I think I will do a part 2 to this one on Tuesday if you guys liked it. What are your personal views on these aspects of life?


Crazy Questions A Restaurant Asked

Whatsup everyone,

So I forgot to update the blog yesterday, partially because I was out most of the day and partially because I wasn't sure what to post. Anyway, I was applying for a few jobs online and one restaurant had me fill out the application and then answer a few questions about myself. Now this is a pretty nice restaurant that I am applying for and personally was not expecting the kinds of things I would have to answer. First it started off with a 10 min timed logic test dealing with patterns of numbers, word problems, definitions etc. Kind of weird but after that it got even stranger. Now the screen was telling me to answer the following questions with Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. The first 2 pages were pretty normal stuff and then page 3 had some weird questions. "When you look around, do you have little to no hope for mankind?" "Is it acceptable to laugh at other co workers failures?" There were a lot more but I cannot remember them all right now.

I am considering going back to how I originally did my blog posts with the inspirational speeches and stuff since I miss doing those. I hope you all will like them! Also random song for today that I came across.


Laptop Trouble and Warrior

Whatsup everyone,

This is going to be a bit of a short update since I am a little busy today. So long story short my netbook that had all the youtube related stuff on it came across the same error my desktop had. I need to reinstall windows onto it otherwise it just shuts off at the login screen. Unfortunately that means I cannot post my MW3 gameplay where I was discussing some things about ACTA. It also means that my Pokemon Let's Play video series is on hold until further notice.

In other news, this new Korean group debut with an explosive performance in their music video called Warrior. The group's name is B.A.P. which stands for Best Absolute Perfect, however I keep wanting to say Blonde Asian People since the entire group decided to dye their hair blonde for some reason. The way Bang Yong Guk yells warrior during the chorus is like a battle cry of epic proportions and this song has easily become the perfect workout song for me. Well have a good weekend everyone and I shall leave you guys with the music video.