New Years Resolutions and First Video!!!!

Whatsup everyone,

To start off, I wanted to talk about New Years resolutions. My resolutions for this year is to get in even better shape than I am in now, get a job and with enough money get a car if I can afford it. What are your resolutions? Personally I am spending my New Years eve right now playing MW3 with my friends.

Also, after countless hours of trying to render the video and upload it, I finally got it to work. So here is my first MW3 Commentary. It isn't the best gameplay...or even commentary ever, but I'm sure I will improve over time. My voice sounds so strange in the video but I didn't have a good mic or anything to record with other than using my iphone to record my voice. Anyway here is the video. Happy New Years! Have a safe night!


  1. That are good resolutions, Happy new Year!
    I like the commentary!

  2. i hope you had an incredible end and beginig of year.
    great post =)

  3. It doesn't have to be a new years resolution. You can get fit anytime cause you're a male. Try to reduce consumption of junk food and drink a lot of water and choose healthy food (steaks and burgers are allowed!). I lost 13kgs in 2009 this way.. Happy new year anyhow..

  4. I like your commentary. You're pretty good at MW3 as well.

  5. It really is bad. They need to fix it..

  6. The fitness resolution. Im guessing 99% of people fail. Best of luck!